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Suber Archives & Special Collections

This is the homepage of archvies and special collections at Lewis Library. From this page you can discover digitized archives, collections, and past and current exhibits, as well as information about archives and special collections mission and history.

Archives FAQs

         Welcome to the Suber Archives and Special Collections at LaGrange College, located in the lower level of the Lewis Library in Room 107. The College dedicated its new Archives in 2010 and there is an ongoing organization of College records and Special Collections. Check out our Browse Collections page for a summary of what holdings we currently have and feel free to call for additional information which may not be online yet.  

What are our hours?

  • The Suber Archives and Special Collections is open Monday-Friday, from 8:30-4:00, but it's always good to call first since we have a small staff.  Our number is 706-880-8995 and please feel free to leave a message.

Do I need to make an appointment?

  • If you have a specific request we would appreciate it if you can give us 24 hours in advance to enable us to research or locate something in a collection so we can have it waiting for you when you come in.  

Where are we located?

  •  We are located in the lower level of the Lewis Library in Room 107 at 601 Broad Street, LaGrange, Georgia.  at 601 Broad Street, LaGrange, Georgia.

What is a Finding Aid?

  • A Finding Aid is a tool that contains detailed information about what sort of information is in a specific collection and assists the researcher to determine if the contents will useful and relevant to his or her topic.  As a new archives not all collections have a Finding Aid at the present time, but as processing continues it will be posted online.  Since most of our documents 

Can I check out materials?

  • Since most of our documents are unique, the materials in the Suber Archives cannot be checked out and must remain in the Archives.  To view them, you will need to submit a request either by telephone or email requesting the materials you want to use so they will be available for you to view when you arrive.  

Can I photograph or make copies?  

  • Most people use their cell phones to make copies, however we will scan up to 10 free copies and email them to you.  There is a fee for over 10 copies since our server is not able to handle large numbers of files.  Please check with the archivist for additional details.   

Does the Suber Archives accept donations?

  • We love donations and we have many wonderful things in our collections due to the generosity of our alumni and others.  We don't accept everything since we may already have copies or there may not be enough room to store an item.  Just contact us and let us know what you might want to donate so we can let you know if your donation will be accepted.  See the Policies tab for what we collect.

Are there special rules when using the Archives?

  • Our holdings must be used in the Archives  during our regular hours.
  • Researchers using archives or manuscript collections must Sign In with the Archives. 
  • Only items needed to take notes are allowed in the Archives.  Pencils only.   Laptop computers are allowed.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the Archives.
  • Place other personal property in the lockers.  Practice cell phone courtesy by turning off your ringer and taking calls outside the Archives.
  • To keep the documents in order, researchers may use only one box from a collection at a time. Open only one folder at a time and please keep items in the same order in which you found them. 
  • Materials must be handled carefully and must be used flat on the table. Do not make any marks on materials or affix extraneous items such as Post-It notes. No books, papers, or other objects (except special weights used to hold materials flat) may be laid upon materials. 

Genealogy Research in the Suber Archives

 We receive many calls from people looking for an ancestor who attended LaGrange College and if there is any information available on her/him.  Here are some useful FAQs which may assist you with your search.

Did they attend LaGrange College, LaGrange, Georgia? 

  • There are several LaGrange Colleges in the United States.  You might want to do a Google search to be certain you have the right one. "The college began as a women’s academy that was housed in a large white building just down the street from the current campus. A few years later, in 1851, the institution moved to its present location on “the Hill,” which is the highest geographical point in the city of LaGrange.[14] In 1847, the school became LaGrange Female Institute, and the charter was amended to allow the school the power to confer degrees. The name was changed to LaGrange Female College in 1851."

When did they attend?

  • The LaGrange College Catalogs (or Bulletins as they were sometimes called) are available on line beginning with the 1857 issue.  These contain the names of the alumnae and their date of graduation.  These catalogues also contain interesting information about the governance of LaGrange Female College and later LaGrange College.  Just put in LaGrange College + date in the Search.  Just change the date for a new search.  The Quadrangles are also available at:

What other sites can I use to get information about my ancestor?


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